Arkata d'Cannith


Arkata d’Cannith
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Artificer
Rank: Lieutenant
God: None
Specialty: Wilderness Survival, Enhancement
Sexy Times: Straight, rumored to be fucking the minotaur Gratz Proudhorn, which boggles the mind

Arkata, a member of the Dragonmarked House Cannith, started her carreer traveling through the Talenta plains, repairing and making magic items. After running afoul of some Valenar Elves out looking for a fight, she was nursed back to health by one of the barbarian tribes in the area. Now indebted to them, she “went native,” living amongst them for several years. She now leads a team of barbarian adventurers from that tribe.

She’s been a Lieutenant in the guild for quite a while, though you’ve not seen her for quite some time due to long contracts. Her team is colloquially called “The Local Boys,” which is unusual because none of them are local and only two of them are male. Her team specializes, as you would think, in wilderness survival.

Arkata d'Cannith

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