Jade Martyne


Jade Martyne is a Paladin of the Sovereign Host. She is a daughter of House Martyne, an old and wealthy family in Aundair.

She had been working in the town of Last Hope in Breland when a plague broke out, decimating the town’s population. She’d reached out to House Jorasco to bring healers in. However, when the Jorasco healers learned that Last Hope didn’t have the funds to pay them, they unceremoniously left.

When Ya’Ro returned, the plague had raised most of the town’s dead as zombies, and Jade led the defenses with her wife Po-Lin. At first, Jade held a lot of resentment for Ya’Ro for her affiliation with House Jorasco, but Ya’Ro’s efforts to save the town quickly changed her opinion.

Ya’Ro, Po-Lin, and Jade fought a horde of undead to save the town by cleansing a temple of Pelor.

Later, Ya’Ro recruited Jade to the Black Shield to train war orphans to be new Paladins.

Jade is a sterling example of what a paladin should be- honorable, courageous, and compassionate. She is sometimes quick to anger, a failing balanced out by Po-Lin’s measured calm. She is a very aggressive fighter, usually eschewing shields in favor of a large holy symbol in the off-hand. She seems to favor swords, particularly slashing swords of Q’Barran make.


Jade Martyne

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