Karell Windsong


Karell Windsong
Race: Valenar Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Swordmage
Rank: Private
God: The Keepers of the Past
Specialty: Assault
Sexy Times: Himself

Your typical racist Valenar Elf, constantly stuck up his own ass. He hates non-elves, non-valenar elves, half-elves, but really, really hates Karsys, who he cannot defeat in a fight.

Karell still isn’t on a team, so his exploits have been limited to one-man affairs of insulting mediocrity, like escort missions for people who are highly unlikely to ever be attacked, or security in warehouses. Naturally, he blames all the non-elves present.

He was humiliated in Team Combat when his thrown-together team abandoned him out of frustration on the middle of the fight. He was humiliated even worse when Karsys defeated him easily in single combat.

Karell Windsong

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