King Boranel


King Boranel ir’Wynarn
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Title: King of Breland
Sexy Times: Straight, married

King Boranel is the celebrated ruler of Breland, widely acclaimed for his supposed virtue and wisdom. In truth, he maintains very little control over his nation; Breland is more of a constitutional monarchy. While he wields considerable legal power, by choice he defers most of his authority to a bicameral legislature; a hereditary noble house (the lesser of the two houses) and a house of elected representatives. Breland’s unorthodox democratic system is based on Boranel’s modifications to a series of philosophical writings on the nature of just government.

Boranel spent a good deal of his early life as an adventurer, and in his old age remains a formidable man. Those who’ve met him in person consider him a good man, which is somewhat difficult to do and be with his power.

He has one daughter, officially the heir to the throne. However, it is widely rumored that Boranel will dissolve the monarchy in favor of an elected central leader.

King Boranel

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