Lyra Denson


Lyra Denson
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Paladin
Rank: Lieutenant
God: The Sovereign Host
Specialty: The Karsys School of Beating the Shit out of Everything
Sexy Times: Bisexual, Monogamous, once dated Skip Fisk, has a bit of a mentor-mentee crush on Karsys

Lyra was doing well for herself. While the senior teams were all out on assignments, she took the initiative and formed a team to deal with a Kruthik infestation up north in Alvirad.

Another team went as well, but it met with disaster and had to retreat. Lyra’s team, however, was so successful that on return she was promoted to Lieutenant and her team was made permanent.

It wasn’t necessarily her intention to create an all-female team; that’s just who happened to be available at the time. However, due to her leadership, the team works together very well considering their inexperience. Naturally there are rumors of Lyra’s intentions, bisexual as she is.

Unfortunately, she got in over her head when sent to deal with Lemartes and company getting captured. Her team was captured as well and suffered two casualties, and she herself was traumatized by the torture. She was rescued by Karsys, but there’s no telling if she’ll ever be the same.

Lyra Denson

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