Nixie "Firefly" d'Ghallanda


Nixie “Firefly” d’Ghallanda
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Job: Gourmet Chef, innkeeper
God: The Sovereign Host
Dragonmark: Mark of Hospitality
Sexy Times: Lesbian, polyamorous, in a relationship with Willibelle, extremely adventurous

Nixie was born into a position of prestige within House Ghallanda. While she loved to cook, she didn’t much care for the guild politics that she was groomed for.

In addition to this, she experienced a few other problems. One is that her dragonmark happened to manifest across her extremely well-crafted posterior. Dragonmarked Scions are expected to display their dragonmarks, and Nixie refused to run around bare-assed.

The other problem is that she never came out of the closet, so when her parents caught her railing one of the servant girls with a strap-on, there was understandably quite a fuss. Especially since she was supposed to be in an arranged marriage.

Disgraced, House Ghallanda gave her a failing Inn to run in the middle of nowhere, expecting her to rot in obscurity.

When Seely’s team came by, she found love in Willibelle and a chance to break free. After a brief adventure, she swore off combat and joined the Black Shield to start a restaurant and inn there.

She is, quite possibly, one of the best chefs on this world.

Nixie "Firefly" d'Ghallanda

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