Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric
Rank: Private
God: Sovereign Host
Specialty: Shielding Cleric
Sexy Times: ???

Shard has the unfortunate trait of looking exactly like what he is- a tiefling. While some tieflings can pass for human, there is no doubt of his infernal ancestry. His circumstances are strange, however- he was born to two human parents, and while there is the suspicion of infidelity on the mother’s side, there’s no reason why he should have come out looking like he did. He was abandoned to a Sovereign Host orphanage, and there he grew to follow the religion devoutly.

Unfortunately, few of the faith accepted him as a priest, which was his intention, even after he exhibited true divine power enough to be considered a cleric. As he is unable to be a priest, he has decided to use his divine powers as an adventurer, hoping to do the work of the gods however he can.


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