Race: Succubus
Gender: “Female”
Job: Succubus
Sexy Times: She’s a fucking succubus

A succubus who tired of being a demon’s sex slave in the Elemental Chaos, she was trapped inside a tome for attempting to study magic for hundreds of years.

Willibelle managed to win her trust enough that the succubus helped the young halfling through the tome. At the end, the succubus bound herself to Willibelle for some measure of freedom.

While Siriel is still technically Willibelle’s slave, her new situation is much improved over any other one. She has expressed interest in starting a shop at the village springing up around the Black Shield, selling magical reagents and rituals. She cannot do this, however, with Willibelle’s express permission.

She is able to shapeshift into any form she wishes, regardless of race, size, or gender. She frequently appears as a human, elven, or halfling female of impossible sexual beauty. However, a side effect of her nature is that everyone around her feels varying levels of increased libido and arousal; occasionally people who have been a bit pent up will experience sudden orgasms just from being around her.


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